*Hiring new staff can be expensive, the cost increase if you make a bad hire, Recruitments Agencies can save you money, and if you choose a firm that has the experience in the field you are looking for talent, and can increase your chances of getting the right employee first time.

*Save Time in the hiring process – Recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate takes a lot of time, delegating these tasks to our team of experts will reduce the amount of time you spend on the hiring process. Allowing you to take on your new team member faster.

*Recruiting for top talent will cost you in advertising and search tools, and your perfect candidate might never see your advert or the talent that you are looking for is not currently in the job market. Your Recruitment Agency already have broad networks and keep resumes of hundreds of skilled local professionals on file and they have the search tools to find you the gem you are looking for, even when that candidate has not been in the market for 5 years. That’s why upon screening your needs, agencies can provide you with a candidate who is closer to the right fit than you can likely find on your own.

*Avoid costs associated with burnout; pushing your fulltime employees to work longer hours to produce more with limited resources will increase their stress levels. This leads to problems with work quality, low morale, absenteeism and turnover.

*Ultimately you have nothing to lose. You don’t pay anything upfront or before you have hired. The best agencies offer a rebate so if the candidate who is placed isn’t the right fit, you’re given a free replacement or partial refund of the fee paid
Using a recruitment agency has numerous benefits.