In today’s trying times with crime on the rise, CCTV has become almost a necessity. We make CCTV installations achievable for both home and the office environments.

We are well equipped and experienced in providing the latest technologies available.
We are constantly training our staff to keep up to date with technology.

We can provide rental options for complete systems.
Convenient maintenance contract options available

  • CCTV proactively assists in the prevention of incidents of crimes like thefts, break-ins, and assist the authorities with recognition and for you to monitor your employees.
  • Besides the obvious, there are many other features and benefits making CCTV useful, if not irreplaceable.
  • Every employer should use all these powerful features to better manage their staff and business.
  • Facial and number plate recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Selective view of an area
  • Wide angle view of an area
  • Playback for incident recall
  • Auto alarm activation on motion
  • Remote view from most smart phone
  • Offsite monitoring
  • Productivity assessments
  • Acts as a proactive deterrent